Posted by: Kate Ashford | February 26, 2010

Money Clips (2.26)

Money Clips: A collection of interesting news that may or may not be about money.

Airplane Seats Photo

That's my seat. Both of them. Thanks.

It’s going to take HOW long? Ever wonder how long it’d take you to pay off your credit cards if you just paid the minimum every month? BB&T Bank actually tells you. (Answer: 317 years.) (I’m just kidding.) (Sort of.)  From ABC News.

What can Brown do for you? UPS delivers one man’s package to the basement garbage can. Seriously. It’s on the delivery confirmation. From the Consumerist.

Feeling cramped in coach? Consider buying a second seat, says the WSJ. All the cool kids are doing it. Read the story.

Myths, busted. Thought you knew everything there was to know about buying in bulk? (And the money it saves you?) Wise Bread sets the record straight.

Rejected. Again. If you’ve ever had to try to bounce back from your 14th straight “No” on the job hunt, check out Well-Heeled Blog’s “7 Steps in Overcoming Job Rejection.” (Word to the wise: Don’t send that nasty email to human resources.)

So long, Hummer. Could it be? Is the Hummer really on the outs? Alas, New York magazine thinks that like any terrible trend, this one has the power to rise again. From Daily Intel. (P.S., did you know that 71,000 people bought Hummers in 2006? Really?)

Happy Friday to all, and to all a good weekend.

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