Posted by: Kate Ashford | December 15, 2011

Wait. Am I Supposed to Be Holiday Shopping?

Free Shipping DayIn my head, I am not a procrastinator. In my head, I have plentiful, joyous plans for the holidays that involve buying gifts in November. NOVEMBER, people.

And in some ways, I am on top of things. We had family holiday photos taken the first weekend in November. I really felt like I was ahead of the game. But between the time it took to receive the images and the time it’s taken Shutterfly to fill our holiday card order (What’s up, Shutterfly?), our cards will be mailed tomorrow, at earliest. That would be December 16th, for those of you who haven’t checked a calendar in a while. (So look for your card — we’re sending them to EVERYONE! Wait, no. Maybe not everyone.)

Speaking of December 16th, let me bring up one of my favorite holiday happenings: Free Shipping Day.

Have you heard of this? It is the Best. Thing. Ever. For those of you who’ve been putting your holiday shopping off until the last minute (i.e. me), a variety of merchants will be offering free shipping, with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

That’s tomorrow. TOMORROW.

So if you’ve got a stack of catalogs sitting on your kitchen table, tonight is the night to go through them. Get your Internet ready. Because tomorrow, December 16th, is Free Shipping Day.

Retailers include Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, Land’s End, Sephora, Apple, Eddie Bauer, you name it. (The full list will be revealed in the morning.)

I will be shopping like a maniac. Join me at


  1. Goodness, how many new shopping holidays can we create?

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day…

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