no. 58 // strangers on the sidewalk

They sit upon the rock wall, shadows dancing at their feet. The strangers have stories, unique perceptions etched into their features.

The passing cars cause a multi-colored blur as I sneak glances at them.

One smokes a cigarette, legs crossed and hand in her pocket. Bags rest at her feet as she waits for the next bus that will take her to town. I see her strike up a conversation with the man next to her, hunched over his phone.

They speak briefly, and she hands him a cigarette. An interesting form of goodwill as they wait, connected by the need for something to warm their bones in the chilly weather as well as their need of a ride home.Continue reading “no. 58 // strangers on the sidewalk”

no.2 // I am.

I am the mysteries of the night and the truths of the morning.

I am the cup of cocoa gone cold sitting on the side table.

I am the blanket wrapped around your shoulders when the bitter cold seeps through the windows.

I am light, and I am darkness, both beautifully brilliant and powerful.

I am the flickering flames in the fireplace, a warmth of love and great power contained only in a small box, wildly beautiful and dangerous.

I am the sunlight on the floorboards and the biting wind that whips across your face.

My soul reflects the last light of autumn in all the twinkling stars of winter’s first night.

// October 18, 2017—I am.