winter’s growing pains

There is something about the cold weather that makes me a little more introspective and a little more sensitive to the world around me. So much happens in the winter, but none of us want to see it because our bones are cold and our bodies are tired. A lack of sunshine and warmth makes us curl up and forget to look around and see what is happening more than a few feet in front of us.

Despite the bitter cold, winter is a season of growth. Think about it, the trees and flowers all begin to bloom at the end of winter as spring makes its way into the world, so something must be stirring, right? Something must be reaching down into the deepest roots, finding the strength to push on and keep growing. I want to have this strength, too. I want to push down into the deepest parts of myself and draw strength from the one thing that keeps me going all the time, even when its dark and hard; faith. I want it to mark my life even after I have grown too old for this world and have wasted away. It will be the finest decor that will let the world know who I was and who was with me.Continue reading “winter’s growing pains”