no. 61 // limelight identities

It is clearer to me now that it is not always wrong to see yourself in view. And I mean to be viewed. There is something in us all that is wondering if we were made for the limelight, and there is something in us that wants to taste it, if just for a moment.

For the longest time, I told myself I wasn’t worthy, that it would be wrong because the focus did not need to be on me. What I see now is, it is not that I am unworthy of the limelight, but that my worthiness is measured by something so much greater than the limelightsomething much deeper and full of meaning that the limelight becomes simply another platform on which one reflects their identity. A place where one tells the masses, “It is not me, but the One who breathed stars into being, the one who carved out a resting place for the oceans with His finger. It is Him who you see, who you want to know.”

I would fall prey to the pride of the limelight, this I know, but I hope that with this new perspective I can take my worth out of an earthly thing and place it back into the hands of the Great One who is holding me.

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