if i am // no. 36

if I am to be a writer, may the words pour like blood from an open wound.

if I am to be a fighter, may my fists connect with all the power of thunder’s earth-shattering boom.

if I am to be a lover, may feelings of passion and joy begin with the love I have for myself before I give them to anyone else.

if I am to be a feeler, may I not fear the pains of life, but embrace the broken colors it adds to the stained glass masterpiece being made before me.

if I am to be a doer, may the discipline and diligence I display move others to push the mountains in their path out of the way.

if I am to be a hearer, may my ears be opened to all sides of the story, letting discernment guide my responses not for me, but for His glory.

if I am to be a human, may the actions of my hands and the words from my lips be life-giving and nurturing, withholding nothing from those others would deem “unfit,” and may everything that I do be nothing but a shadow of the hope that will be brought when Hope returns to view.