Discovering Edinburgh on an Almost Free Budget

Three Free Things to do in Edinburgh that Everyone Will Enjoy

Traveling internationally always looks incredible. Do you ever wonder how much people cash out for their adventures? If you’re on a pence-pinching budget and feel like you might be left out of the travel game, never fear! Most big cities have plenty to do for free. Edinburgh, Scotland is no exception!

Whether you’re a history buff or a whisky connoisseur, there is plenty to do in the great city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a gem of a city, home to outdoor adventures and inner-city luxury. Roughly 2.3 million international visitors came to Edinburgh in 2019, and I was one of them! It was the first place I stopped on my first adventure abroad (without a tour guide). Despite meager funds, I discovered I could have as much fun in the city as those with cash to spare.

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You CAN Get Better at Being Alone

The last 18 months have been some of the darkest we have faced in this generation. Unexpected deaths, countless hours spent alone, and separation from family and friends left us gasping for air. To say we were able to adapt to unknowns is a laughable sentiment. We had no choice. Through juggling Zoom calls, DoorDashing food, and InstaCarting our groceries, we found a way. We, the human race, found our way through. Many people called on their faiths, others called on goodwill and kindness, but we did it.

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Dear 2021,

You have been a wild ride, in the slowest way possible. I know, it makes no sense. Yet somehow I find myself in shock that it is August and I still feel like it’s January?

What is time?!?

On the real, this has been one hell of a year. I started out with the word ‘WONDER’ as my word for 2021 then made it in an acronym (#overachiever). It broke down into three categories. I would develop a “Wellness Outlook,” I would “Nurture Discipline,” and I would “Establish Rest.”

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