Hi, I’m Jess, and I think a lot.

I love to tear into a thought and find everything it can teach me. I love to see the story behind the eyes of people who share their thoughts with me. Most importantly, I love to bring knowledge, hope, and truth to every person I meet.

I believe that if you have breath in your lungs, you have value. I want to cheer you on in discovering it.

Jess Thinks is the blog component to my podcast. I have always known that I want to encourage people in any way that I can, and part of that is through using my words. Written or spoken, I want to put hope and truth into the world. I’m not afraid to take the long, dark road to get there either.

I know that your time and mine is valuable. Your story is important to me. I may not understand it, I may not always seem like the girl who would be compassionate, but my interest is always going to come back to my passion for people.

You can count on sass with a friendly smile, deep conversations that might be uncomfortable, and a brand new friend!

Faith is the art of holding onto things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.

C.S. Lewis
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