Discovering Edinburgh on an Almost Free Budget

Three Free Things to do in Edinburgh that Everyone Will Enjoy

Traveling internationally always looks incredible. Do you ever wonder how much people cash out for their adventures? If you’re on a pence-pinching budget and feel like you might be left out of the travel game, never fear! Most big cities have plenty to do for free. Edinburgh, Scotland is no exception!

Whether you’re a history buff or a whisky connoisseur, there is plenty to do in the great city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a gem of a city, home to outdoor adventures and inner-city luxury. Roughly 2.3 million international visitors came to Edinburgh in 2019, and I was one of them! It was the first place I stopped on my first adventure abroad (without a tour guide). Despite meager funds, I discovered I could have as much fun in the city as those with cash to spare.

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3 Things You Need to Experience in Israel

When most people think of Israel, oftentimes political things come to mind. I’d also been a victim of the fear mentality that as an American going to Israel I was going to be an automatic magnet for trouble. Can I clue you in on something? Any time you enter a foreign country and open your mouth, “American” flashes over your head like a neon sign. They all know, y’all, and honestly, if you mind your business, are respectful, and have some basic understanding of the culture you are walking into, everyone will be better for it.Continue reading “3 Things You Need to Experience in Israel”