moreness // no. 63

This season you’ll want to buy a lot of things. You already have.

It won’t help.

I know you want it to, but it just can’t.

No amount of material goods is going to catapult you to stardom, to a relationship, to a promotion, to happiness. I just really think you need to remember that because you are easily enchanted by the colors and shiny glint of newness. Yet, here’s the crazy thing; you often get more of a thrill searching for something and the anticipation of maybe having it, or waiting on it to arrive than you do when it actually comes.

You wear the new shoes for a couple of days, the brightly colored logo not catching anyone’s eyes. You point them out to people.

What? Who are you? When have you cared about what people think of your monetary status? Just because you can buy beautiful things doesn’t mean you need to seek the approval of those same people to be okay.

You are a substance so much more brilliant than what you see. You catch glimpses of it when you pass the reflections of glass storefronts as you walk through the city streets. You find it in your giggles when your spirit soars around friends. You feel it swell when you talk about your passions.

You are MORE.

But no amount of material moreness will ever show you that. Let the fires burn your things and purify your being. It will show you the radiance that has always been within.

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