no. 38 // her

There’s this girl I really want to get to know.

She’s strong, in mind, body, and will. Somehow, she can always make people laugh and smile, even though she sometimes says things that are a little rough around the edges.

She never seems to be afraid of things. If there is something she thinks she should say, she just does! If there is a place she wants to go or something she wants to do, she doesn’t hold back, she simply goes! No waiting around for anyone to tell her what is right or wrong; she just lets intuition run its course.

Her eyes are fierce but loving and kind. People are drawn to her, the way she makes them laugh and feel welcomed. They pour their hearts out to her and the wisdom she has, oh, it’s a gift from heaven, and she uses it so well in directing people back to where they should be.

How she can be the center of attention but also fade beautifully out of the spotlight, I don’t understand, but I wish it were me.

Honestly, I wish I saw her more, she doesn’t come out very often, or maybe I just miss her when she does because I’m to busy trying to be her. I can’t see that I am her.

//  April 16, 2018

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