when written words speak // no. 23

“I quit.” The words practically screamed at me. They sat scribbled on a piece of paper, taped to my boss’ office door. They belonged to someone I trust, who I knew to be loyal, and fair and good. No looking back, no goodbye, no warning. They just left them there and left us. My stomachContinue reading “when written words speak // no. 23”

musings from a new space // no. 122

As I sit in a new coffee shop, twiddling my thumbs and hoping inspiration will strike and that all my travel plans won’t still be cancelled in 2021, and that I can work it out to be a freelancer, I find myself just grateful for a chance to be out. A chance to explore aContinue reading “musings from a new space // no. 122”

thoughts on stuff cluttering your mind

In a season where things are changing and stirring within my heart, material things have been some tangible catalyst for grounding my anxiety. This is slightly problematic, because all of those material things have been new ones that I’ve bought. It isn’t even that I don’t have the money for them, I just don’t haveContinue reading “thoughts on stuff cluttering your mind”