when written words speak // no. 23

“I quit.” The words practically screamed at me. They sat scribbled on a piece of paper, taped to my boss’ office door. They belonged to someone I trust, who I knew to be loyal, and fair and good. No looking back, no goodbye, no warning. They just left them there and left us. My stomachContinue reading “when written words speak // no. 23”

why I won’t stop apologizing // no. 113

I saw a quote the other day. “Girl, stop apologizing!” For some reason, it bothered me to see this. There is a culture being pushed on women to stop belittling ourselves and just go on and live how we want to. Now, I am all for living well and in a way that brings youContinue reading “why I won’t stop apologizing // no. 113”

musings from a new space // no. 122

As I sit in a new coffee shop, twiddling my thumbs and hoping inspiration will strike and that all my travel plans won’t still be cancelled in 2021, and that I can work it out to be a freelancer, I find myself just grateful for a chance to be out. A chance to explore aContinue reading “musings from a new space // no. 122”