musings from a new space // no. 122

As I sit in a new coffee shop, twiddling my thumbs and hoping inspiration will strike and that all my travel plans won’t still be cancelled in 2021, and that I can work it out to be a freelancer, I find myself just grateful for a chance to be out. A chance to explore aContinue reading “musings from a new space // no. 122”

when the stresses mounted // no. 82

It has been a minute. It has felt like an eternity. But I am here. I am breathing. Just when you think that all of the things were going to continue smoothly, a hiccup comes. A bump in the road. A struggle with the normalcy of life in the wake of something you cannot control.Continue reading “when the stresses mounted // no. 82”

feeling regret & thanks // no. 78

I think that it is important to note my feelings in written words. It was a lovely weekend. The day was beautiful, but I may have been a little rushed in my approach to things. SO, here’s what I regret: I regret not talking more to the best man, and not making him dance withContinue reading “feeling regret & thanks // no. 78”

no. 74 // answering the call

I struggle. It’s not just in the things that one might think it’s normal to struggle in, but also the things that are mundane. Every day. Simple. I’m distracted when I should be focused. I’m lazy when I should be working hard. I can’t settle my brain. The slowness has me numbed and sedentary whenContinue reading “no. 74 // answering the call”