What is Copy?

Copy is a term for the words on a page that lead clients and viewers to make a move and engage with your product. If you know your audience only as a client and don’t know how to turn them into family, you could be missing out on growth opportunities. As your voice in the world, copy sets the tone for how people will recognize your brand in the same way people know that certain colors go with specific brands.

“Your job is not to write copy. Your job is to know your visitors, customers and prospects so well, you understand the situation they’re in right now, where they’d like to be, and exactly how your solution can and will get them to their ideal self.” – Joanna Wiebe

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A Good Day for a Clean Slate

There will be no shortage of homages to the chaos that 2021 brought the world. Variants of all kinds (Marvel characters and viruses alike) took over the news, and people cautiously re-entered the world with hopeful hearts and eager minds. But, unfortunately, people also clashed with one another over a thousand tiny things, and across […]

Discovering Edinburgh on an Almost Free Budget

Three Free Things to do in Edinburgh that Everyone Will Enjoy Traveling internationally always looks incredible. Do you ever wonder how much people cash out for their adventures? If you’re on a pence-pinching budget and feel like you might be left out of the travel game, never fear! Most big cities have plenty to do […]

You CAN Get Better at Being Alone

The last 18 months have been some of the darkest we have faced in this generation. Unexpected deaths, countless hours spent alone, and separation from family and friends left us gasping for air. To say we were able to adapt to unknowns is a laughable sentiment. We had no choice. Through juggling Zoom calls, DoorDashing […]

Dear 2021,

You have been a wild ride, in the slowest way possible. I know, it makes no sense. Yet somehow I find myself in shock that it is August and I still feel like it’s January? What is time?!? On the real, this has been one hell of a year. I started out with the word […]


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